Shrimp & Grits @ Blackberry Bistro

August 9th, 2005 § 1 comment

Shrimp & Grits @ Blackberry Bistro, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

A very tasty breakfast of saut饤 shrimp, onions and tomatoes with lemon and green chilies over cheesy grits. I also had an order of chicken apple sausage and orange juice. Blackberry Bistro is located at 4240 Park Boulevard in the Glenview District of Oakland. It has been open since 2003 and become quite a popular spot for breakfast and lunch. The Bistro Burger is quite the bomb as well. Robert Dorsey III is the chef and owner of Blackberry Bistro. Before opening Blackberry Bistro, he was a chef for a variety of Bay Area restaurants including BayWolf. He has used his food prowess to great dishes and a wonderful environment for his restaurant. See you there soon!
Here is the recipe for this tasty treat!

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  • Babs says:

    Love the Blackberry and Robert- just heard he sold the place…bummer. I hadn’t been in beause I broke my arm in Oct. and been messin with that. If you hear from Robert, tell him Babs says hello, and pass along my Email as I am moving to Florida (i live by the blackberry now) and would love to stay in touch and get some recipes! Tell him I will trade my cookie recipe for shrimp and grits…thanks. You have the best food site by the way! Love the shots.

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